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What we've found is that big transportation brokerage firms use and abuse carriers and are unreliable to their customers but have such an extensive network that carriers and customers feel like they have no choice but to use them.

Your solution is American Alliance Logistics.

Let us serve you with the best broker experience you could possibly want.

I like working with American Alliance Logistics. Not only do they have great rates, I can rely on them to pick up the phone whenever. If at 4am on a Saturday morning my driver has an unexpected problem they answer, and troubleshoot.
— Vitalii, Inter Team
Three words: service, service, service. American Alliance Logistics offers service that is unlike any broker I’ve worked with in the past. Service is the most important thing to our company.
— Brad, California Overland
I work with AAL because I trust them. And in this industry trust is hard to come by.
— Larry, Short & Sassy
AAL is a great company to work with!
— Mario, TMS Express
I really like working with the brokers. They help in every situation, and they build a strong relationship with their carriers.
— Almira, KELA Transport